Our founders, avid outdoorsmen, Dutchess County residents and bourbon afficianados, saw an opportunity to marry their interests in the establishment of Taconic Distillery. Tapping into the farm-to-table and farm-to-bottle movement, Taconic Distillery’s Dutchess Private Reserve Straight Bourbon is cut with natural spring water from our own Rolling Hills Farm in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

America’s Native Spirit

Shot Glass

Bourbon whiskey, “America’s Native Spirit,” is a barrel-aged distilled spirit made from corn, rye and barley.

In the 19th century American settlers made use of the materials on hand, using locally harvested corn for the grain mixture, or “mash” and virgin white oak trees for the barrels.

The historic Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful scenery, charming villages, National Historic Landmarks, and bountiful farms. It is home to the first wine-producing region in the U.S. and a world-class culinary institute. Four hundred years of history and hospitality make the region an ideal location for production of our own native spirit.

From George and Martha Washington’s home during the American Revolution, to the Great Estates of the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts and Rockefellers, to the hunting preserves and horse farms of today, bourbon whiskey has been savored for generations. Open a bottle of Taconic’s Dutchess Private Reserve and celebrate today!